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Stuck with multiple spreadsheets and pieces of paper? Still retyping information multiple times into multiple systems? Not sure what technology you have, what it costs, or what you need, only that it’s not working well?

We want more for you.

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There is a better way.

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Change is possible.

We Can Help


Blue Tree exists to equip non-profit organizations, just like yours, for action. Knowledge makes things possible, but without action and followthrough, knowledge alone doesn’t get it done.

From grassroots to growing; from local to global; from stuck to scalable; whatever your transformation looks like, we can help.

For the dreamers and visionaries out there, we take your dreams and figure out how to make them happen strategically and tactically. For the doers who are deep in the daily grind, we take what you’re doing and start to dream with you and figure out where to intentionally head next.

We consider big picture strategy, the day-to-day of getting stuff done, and the relational side of non-profit work as we work with you. We know how to make technology and data non-intimidating and accessible to non-technical people.



Our process & product offerings align with each stage of an organization’s lifecycle. We love the non-profit world and want to lead the way in providing a lot of value in an affordable package.

We also work with Funders, Foundations, and Consortium type organizations on customizing any of our product lines to provide our services to the organizations they serve. Read more about these options on our Funder’s page.


  • Monthly 60 min group call
  • Community Support
  • Best for: All Stages
  • Built-in Accountability
  • Members-Only Content


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  • 2 weeks Email Support
  • Best for: Early to Established Stages
  • 1 month Academy Membership
  • Ongoing Support Packages Available


  • Deep Dive Meetings + Roadmap
  • Email & Community Support
  • Best for: Established and Growth Stages
  • 3 months Academy Membership
  • Ongoing Support Packages Available

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Capacity Building Assessment

The capacity building process starts with assessing where you are now relative to where you want to be. We dive into eight different areas in your organization, combining our love of data with our love for great leadership and organizational efficiency.

The eight areas include: Operations Data, Outcomes Data, Analytics, Decisions, Process, Culture, Strategy, and Collaboration. During the assessment interviews, the responses are compared to a rubric that defines 5 levels or stages of growth in each area. The ultimate goal for each area should be “right-sized” for the organization; not all organizations need to invest the effort and expense to reach the highest levels of growth that are possible.

Most times the majority of the benefit can be achieved with a modest amount of effort. Past that is a decreasing return on investment unless there is a specific need to go further. From these results, we produce a roadmap for your organization with prioritized steps that are right-sized specifically for you.

Time Investment: We typically need 8-10 hours of face time with different groups of your team. This varies between specific clients. Once deep-dive meetings begin, we like to finish all the meetings within 2 weeks and once meetings are completed, it takes about a week to turn the report around and an hour to review with you/your team.

Cost: $5k for small organizations (typically <$1M operating budget and <10 staff). Larger organizations start at $15k, but can be limited to a particular department and treated as a small organization.


Ask us anything! We’ll listen, answer any question, offer feedback, ask you questions, brainstorm solutions, and ultimately work with you to bring clarity to your next steps. This can be a stand-alone meeting or the beginning of an assessment process.

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For many of our smaller non-profit clients, this makes technical expertise accessible, flexible, and affordable compared to hiring additional staff or ongoing consultant contracts. By offering these one-off sessions, we are able to offer high-value 1:1 coaching, advising, and support without the hassle and expense of an ongoing contract.

Some use these sessions to kick off one of our assessments, to review project proposals from vendors, to be a technical advocate/translator for you in project meetings, to strategize around a new idea, or to pick our brains about data and technology or the overlap between running a non-profit and entrepreneurship.

You can expect this recorded Zoom call to last about an hour. As part of this package, we provide two weeks of email-based support after the call, one month of Academy membership, and six months of access to our client portal. Our client portal is where you’ll be able to download your call recording, access any other materials we provide, and have the opportunity to book additional sessions with us, start an assessment, or join one of our Academy cohorts.

Cost: $250.

Capacity Builder’s Academy.

Our academy was birthed to meet a need for ongoing accountability, networking, and education. We have a growing resource library available to our academy members and we host a group zoom call once a month for our Academy cohort. We find learning from one another is as valuable as listening to experts. In these calls, expect connections to be formed, experiences and hope to be shared, and questions to be answered. We are currently growing this to capacity, so take advantage of joining early with a smaller group!

Cost: $60/month, or $600/year.


This is 100% okay! Reach out when you’re ready, or keep in touch by joining our mailing list or following us on social media. We don’t have time to write lots of useless sales-y emails, and that’s not who we are. You can expect somewhat infrequent but meaningful information for building your organization’s capacity and exciting updates about how our clients are changing the world.